A few days away driving the Forgotten World Highway which has some stunning scenery along its 149km of slow, bumpy and unsealed in part road. We stayed at Ohakune first which is a very cute ski/outdoorsy small half-a-horse town then Taumarunui which is a one-horse-town where the horse has pissed off. From here we went on the Forgotten World Tours railway trip which involved driving a modified golf cart that rode the rail tracks though tunnels, one was 1.5km long and through the surrounding countryside. It was a right laugh and well worth the money. https://forgottenworldadventures.co.nz/routes-and-trails/tour/11/5-tunnel  We then had a night in Whangamomona which has a great hotel/bar/restaurant/community centre etc as it's the only thing there really. It felt like an old British pub and had very nice venison sausage and mash I have to say. We then finished the highway in Stratford (Taranaki not Avon) which isn't somewhere I would ever though I would stay but it was the closest to Mt Taranaki and I was tired of driving by then. We had great views of Mt Taranaki by driving up to the ski area car park, not quite sure why we never did this before!  Our last night was in Whanganui which might have an 'h' in it's name or not, we never seem to know.